For a quiet school outing, rent your buses with Loulou!

Are you organizing a field trip or a school trip? We'd be delighted to help you with the process! Planning such a project is not always easy and we understand your reality. Limited budget, last-minute additions, time constraints... there are a multitude of things to plan and many imponderables. Loulou is not only an online booking platform. There's a whole team behind it that works to find you the best prices among hundreds of renowned carriers and that, in addition, helps you with all the logistics surrounding the rental of school buses, coaches or minibuses. Loulou works daily with you and the daycare providers and teachers to make it easy for you to concentrate on everything else.

We take care of your school transport from A to Z, respecting your requests and your budget.

How to choose your bus for a field trip or school trip

Number of places

In order to properly plan your transportation, it is important to know that a school bus can transport up to 48 adults or 60 children under the age of 8. For a long trip, the bus can carry up to 56 comfortably seated passengers. If you need to move a group of 10 to 32 people, the minibus or mini-bus option is ideal. Need an adapted bus or a school bus with luggage compartments? We have it all! When you request a quote online, our team will be happy to calculate the number of buses required based on your needs, the number of students and their age. If there are several options available, we will offer you all the possible choices. Whether you're transporting 20 or 1,000 people, Loulou will take care of you!

Trip time and type of output

For a short school outing, such as a trip to the movies, the amusement park or other activities, the school bus is the perfect choice since it requires no amenities and is the most economical of all. On the other hand, if you are planning a school trip or are planning to move a group for a long trip where comfort and certain amenities are required, it would be preferable to choose the deluxe bus where users could benefit from air conditioning, televisions, a toilet and much more.

Budget and tailor-made services

Bus rental prices vary depending on the period, destination and number of people to be transported. For example, a school bus can start at $250 and a bus can start at $850. We will shop for you the best price among our suppliers, according to the criteria mentioned in your request. Our prices include bus rental with driver, gas, insurance, etc. When there are additional charges for special requests, they will be clearly specified in the quote. No charges will be hidden from you!

Do you plan several stops along your route or do you need à la carte amenities such as gaming tables, televisions, etc.? Let us know your needs and your budget quickly and we will do everything we can to meet them.

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