Our promise:

How can Loulou be competitive and offer the best prices among the many offers available? It's very simple! By negotiating volume agreements with the most important charter companies. Whether it's for a rental of luxury coaches, school buses or minibuses, Loulou has preferential rates with all its suppliers.

Our difference:

When you request a quote from Loulou, the team analyzes your criteria based on budget, number of people to be moved, type of event, rental date, itinerary, etc., and makes sure to request quotes from the appropriate partners. For each need, the team knows which companies to contact in order to obtain the best possible price. Knowing their fleet of vehicles, their sectors and their rates makes it easier to select them properly to offer you the most advantageous rate. It's as if with a single click you were asking hundreds of carriers for a quote!

Loulou's story

It all started 15 years ago when two travel enthusiasts started their company in the field of school outings. Receiving daily requests for transportation by luxury coaches, shuttles or minibuses for company outings, trips with friends and many others, they quickly realized that there was a great need to fill. Today, Loulou has become the Booking.com or Expedia.ca of bus transportation by offering access to most charter transportation rental companies in one place.